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2012-01-25 20:41:24 by orcenec

my comp. is now functional once again!

I have...

2011-09-12 19:26:49 by orcenec

a date to home coming.


2011-09-09 01:53:12 by orcenec


hope I pass...

2011-09-02 02:43:49 by orcenec

the audio submission test...


2011-08-10 14:42:05 by orcenec

the top screen on my ds broke and I can't play cave story....

cosmic break

2011-07-06 11:57:21 by orcenec

with 64-bit graphics and game play that is a combo of custom robo and megaman 64 and of course it is japanese.

try it


2011-06-14 04:38:17 by orcenec

carry on my wayward son...

better art style...

2011-05-07 02:28:57 by orcenec

thank you math and English class for providing the opportunity to practice my drawing skill(+25exp).

street fighter

2010-12-31 17:46:35 by orcenec

I've been playing street fighter alpha 2. does any one know any useful combos for ryu or ken?

x-mas (again)

2010-12-26 15:32:34 by orcenec

I got a computer for x-mas which was unexpected...